Legally Blonde



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Legally Blonde, Meg's second album was released in 1998. "A national holiday should be declared so everyone can take a day to revel in this gorgeous recording," gushed the Bay Area Reporter.  "It is one of those albums that grows on you until you're hooked," added BackStage.  The new CD features songs associated with such famous blonde singers as Peggy Lee (Black Coffee), Doris Day (Secret Love), Marilyn Monroe (That Old Black Magic) as well as several new songs. Legally Blonde was also named one of the best CD's of 1998 by InTheater magazine. This album was also produced and arranged by her performing partner and husband, Billy Philadelphia.  Click on a title to listen to a clip from the album.


1. That Old Black Magic 
   (Mercer - Arlen)
7.  Till There Was You 
2. Silences 
   (McKenzie - Carlson)
8.  Sleepy Man 
    (Waldman  - Uhry)
3. Never Never Land 
   (Comden & Green - Styne)
9.  My Brother Lived in S.F.
    (Russell - Hood)
4. Just One of Those Things 
10. Moonlight in Vermont 
    (Blackburn - Suessdorf)
5. Millworker 
11. Black Coffee 
    (Webster - Burke)
6. Secret Love 
   (Webster - Fain)
12. To My Children 
    (Magnin - Trichon)
13. The Party's Over 
    (Comden & Green - Styne)

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